Cell, Online, & Voicemail Requests: 24hr
Desk hours: M - F 9AM - 7PM, Sat 9AM-5PM

Live your Life.
Let the Concierge handle the chores.

From little repairs to extreme cleaning.
Concierge makes lifestyle management 

Thank you for choosing Denver's only Concierge service that's backed by our brand's authentic service guarantee. 

Demand the luxury & experience of "done," with our unbeatable guarantee. 
Personalized Assistance, Handyman, Grounds Maintenance/Landscape, & Janitorial.
Fast service. Task management could be fulfilled in 24-hrs or less.

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About Errand And Task Labor LLC | Concierge

    Errand And Task Labor LLC is a  lifestyle management, Concierge, & Errand Running Service dedicated to helping you manage tasks around the Denver Area and beyond. I, Ryan Quintanafounded Errand And Task Labor LLC in Lakewood, Colorado. I've created the only concierge in Colorado that has an untouchable exclusive guarantee. It is a focus to provide 24-hour service requests to more than Denver with quality oriented services through our exclusive brand guarantee. This guarantee is based on our drive to ensure consumer protection with a unique promise to deliver reliable outstanding service, time and time again.

Who am I?| Ryan Quintana | My Background

Picture of Ryan, the President of Errand And Task Labor LLC
   My name is Ryan, and I am your Denver area concierge assistant with a prior background in SSTEM (Sustainability Science Technology Engineering Math). My sustainability background got me started as a personal gardener. Gardening led me to landscaping & grounds maintenance. While I helped with landscape management I was constantly asked to manage other errands and tasks for unable clients. My carpentry skills were also gained from my shop education in the SSTEM program at Warren Tech. From carpentry and my overall lifelong technical knowledge, I've started providing handyman services for those who need technical assistance with building, installation, or assembly of items. I began speaking to my mother (who now runs a concierge too) and thinking about how I could use technology to help assist people. I've built and now manage this website for your lifestyle management.

What do I do? | Lifestyle Management & Concierge services | Errand Running

    Everyone deserves the luxury and experience of "done". I will help you with management of any errand, or task that you want outsourced. From general errand running to detailed concierge services for the management and maintenance of your space, This Concierge has you covered.

Lifestyle Management & Concierge Service

    In the old days of concierge, an assistant would help a building owner as a kind of janitorial personal assistant who would help give ready access to rooms, maintenance, and accommodations in life. Another less known term for a Concierge is a Seneschal. The Seneschal was the caretaker and lifestyle manager of a business or individual. They would manage schedules, accommodations, purchases, building access/security, and building maintenance. Could you imagine the luxury and benefits of outsourcing? Maybe you hate doing vendor/product research and want someone to just hire the right vendor for a task. Since Concierge service is now available both privately and publicly, you could happily stop straining your eyes and stressing over classified ads like Craig's list and Angie's list. Let Errand And Task Labor LLC Handle your lifestyle management.
  • Personalized Assistance
  • Handyman, 
  • Grounds Maintenance/Landscape, 
  • & Janitorial

Errand Running Service

    Call Errand And Task Labor LLC when it comes to personal shopping, getting dry cleaner items, picking up pharmacy items, or general errand running around Colorado. Our errand running service won't disappoint. 

Who benefits? | The Denver area and beyond

    As a Concierge I have helped people of all walks in life around the Denver area. Business owners, busy moms, vendors, out-of-towners, other concierge's, and the list goes on.  I've also helped people in many locals in Colorado beyond the Denver area. So far, the farthest cities I have physically assisted clients in are Colorado Springs and Boulder.


    If you don't see a service, contact us and ask. Since this is a concierge service, your service request will more than likely be accommodated just not listed.
  • Personalized Assistance | Personal assistant service
    • Concierge Services
    • Personal Shopping | Management of Vendor/Product Research & Purchases
    • Errand Running
    • House Sitting Visits
    • Sit in Waiting on your behalf | for the cable guy, plumber, furnace tech, etc.
  • Handyman,
    •  Install of product
    • Assembly of product
    • Build wooden project by design
    • Design wooden project
    • Design and build wooden project
  • Grounds Maintenance/Landscape, 
    • Lawn mowing (weekly and every other week) and lawn care services
    • Lawn dethatching/power raking
    • Sod installation
    • Leaf removal
    • Spring & fall cleanup
    • Lawn fertilizing
    • Gardener care
    • Weed management
  • Janitorial
    • Window cleaning | window washing
    • Residential home cleaning 
    • Office cleaning
    • Move out cleaning


To get our current pricing rates. Please enter your email below, and we'll send you the information. Prices are for any task except window cleaning and landscape labor. These get bid per job based on the amount of work that gets done. Call and request information. To receive the cell phone number, sign up for a Concierge Membership 

 Scheduled in Advance

with 24-hour notice.

$ (to see rates read instructions above)
each man-hour

Best Choice

Monthly Concierge Membership

packages starting at 
(to see rates read instructions above) 
each month

Starting package includes up to  4 staff hours of service monthly.  
Bundle and save

Emergency Assistance 

for less than 24-hour notice

 (to see rates read instructions above)
each man-hour

Contact Us

Contact Errand And Task Labor LLC
Contact us if you have any questions, comments, or anytime you have a task to manage.

Mail: P O Box 151180, Lakewood, CO 80215
OFFICE: 7204608611  

Hours of operation

Office desk request hours:

no matter if the time is outside our office hours,
 we could accommodate your task 
by voicemail. Just call to schedule and book your task anytime something is needed

Office hours & live phone support 

Expect calls back only during these hours:
Mon - Fri  9 AM -7 PM
Sat 9 AM - 5 PM
Sun/Holidays closed

24/7/365 Online service requests

    outside of office hours or during holidays, you could use voicemail or the online service request form to get assistance with any task.

Service Hours

    Request care of your tasks and schedule for any time, 24/7/365.

How you benefit from using the concierge service

✓ Get concierge service for those who demand the luxury & experience of "done."

    You will get the personal management of any task or mundane chore. With this Concierge on the job and our vendor's entire resources at your disposal, you could relax and focus on other things, Increase productivity,  learn a new skill, or maybe even find more leisure time. 

✓ The guarantee is exclusive to Errand and Task Labor LLC

  • If you're not satisfied, you may reject your service results (by using the feedback form), and we'll have the result fixed to your quality standards. The REDONE SERVICES will get completed FREE OF CHARGE.
  • If we can't fix your service result, we will pay a competitor of your choice to fix the result.
  • If your issue can't get resolved, there will be no charge for the unsatisfactory results and the amount will be subtracted from your invoice.
  • If there were already payments, I would provide a refund for the disappointing results.

✓ Request service 24/7/365

    Everyone knows that you don't have to be at a desk to need assistance. I made it easy to seek service from any internet connected device. Mobile, tablet, or desktop. Unlike many Concierges, it doesn't matter if it's after office hours, you could still use the 24-hour online form or call to make a desk request to ask for service. 

✓ Unlimited free service requests with simple rates

    No membership is required. Start receiving service today with free unlimited service requests. Errand and Task Labor LLC will NEVER charge a "service request fee" for posting or making a service request, and we'll make every effort when possible to give flat rate quotes!

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What are people saying about Errand And Task Labor LLC?

Media & Press

  • What Denver.com says
    Posted Mar 7, 2016, 7:28 AM by Ryan Quintana
  • January 2016 press release - Expand Concierge Service To Include Landscaping and Lawns

    As seen on:

    ...and more

    The press release:

    Errand And Task Labor LLC Expands Concierge Service To Include Landscaping and Lawns

    Errand And Task Labor LLC aims to provide all the services required for a managed property, 
    and has expanded those services to include landscaping, lawn care and exterior 

    Apartment blocks are like a living organism, hosting huge quantities of people who care only
    for their own little pocket of the space. The building itself requires regular cleaning,
    maintenance and supervision to thrive, remain presentable, and provide a safe and happy
    living environment. For that, building owners must enlist concierge services to ensure their
    investment is kept in prime condition. Errand And Task Labor LLC is a concierge service in
    Lakewood Colorado, serving the whole state, and they have just expanded their services to 
    include landscaping and lawn mowing.

    Many apartment buildings and business properties now incorporate green, outdoor space in
    a commitment to balancing life and encouraging people to stay outdoors and active when
    possible. Errand And Task Labor LLC can now maintain, improve and even remodel these
    spaces on behalf of clients through their new landscaping and lawn mowing services.
    The expansion primes them to increase their client list considerably in 2016, as many
    property management companies seek a complete solution from a single provider, so a
    concierge company offering a lawn mowing service in Colorado is sure to help property
    owners and managers get everything they need.

    A spokesperson for Errand And Task Labor LLC explained, “When we contacted our existing
    clients for their insights on what disciplines we should expand into, outdoor maintenance
    and landscaping came out number one. As a result, we are now fully prepared to fulfil these 
    needs, with expertly qualified and experience technicians handpicked by us and trained in
    our culture to ensure the same outstanding client experience we have provided in other
    areas for years. This is an exciting time for us and we hope to hear very soon from new
    clients seeking a complete care service.”

    About Errand And Task Labor LLC: Errand And Task Labor LLC strives to be one of the most
    reliable providers of quality concierge services, as they do everything necessary to achieve
    their clients requests, meet their requirements and exceed their expectations. They offer
    24/7 service requests for Errand Services & Concierge Services, Gardening & Landscaping,
    Lawn Care and Window Cleaning, all with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. For more
    information please visit: http://www.errandandtasklabor.com/

    Posted Feb 4, 2016, 10:17 AM by Ryan Quintana
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Three Of Our Newest Testimonials

  • By Travelers Haven - for Concierge Management and Errand Service
    Posted May 1, 2016, 8:04 PM by Ryan Quintana
  • Jim Debell- spring clean up

    Posted Apr 25, 2016, 1:42 AM by Ryan Quintana
  • Ismael Arreola - Lawn care

    Posted Apr 25, 2016, 1:15 AM by Ryan Quintana
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