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Tilling service and front tine tiller rental

posted Dec 26, 2015, 1:49 PM by Ryan Quintana   [ updated Jan 6, 2016, 9:51 AM ]

Tilling service and tiller rental

So, you have an area that you're wanting to till under so you can prepare a grow bed, lawn or garden. No matter if you're growing vegetables, a lawn, or maybe some flowers, tilling is a tough job that used to only be for the work horse. Do you lack the time or will to do it all by hand and shovel? Tough work no matter who does it. One could easily take care of this task by letting us manage the work for them, or renting the front tine tiller below.

How does tilling soil help?

Tilling soil gives a fresh slate to work with and aerates the soil making it easier to start a new bed, pull weeds, plant, seed, and dig. If you are putting down landscape fabric cloth, you need a even and flat raked surface that is only achieved by tilling and raking with a hard bow rake. This gives even moisture penetration by avoiding any trouble with pools of water that will form in low spots and concaves left behind on the uneven dirt surface.

What are the cons of soil tilling?

  • Worms will die, or want to leave in search of safe habitat.
  • Beneficial fungi, that assist plants, are stunted in growth when they get hurt by soil tilling/cultivation.
  • constant disturbing of the surface soil destroys billions of microorganism's homes in humus build up (which could take up to 15 years to build up to nature's requirements)

When is the best time to till soil?

Best time to till is early spring, after weeding an area with cover crop seeds or ground cover flowers. It helps if plants that are located on the tilling area are babies and do not have flowers or seeds. This is because the seeds will be tilled under and put to germinate. If you till fresh seed or flowers, they just may keep developing into a bigger weeding headache later.  To stop this, you could till, water, and germinate the seeds from the weeds in early spring. Then, when they are babies, till again and plant the desirable seeds in the bed. this is known as the false bed method.

Front tine tiller rental prices

15.00 = 1 hour 
37.00 = 3 hours
49.00 = 4 hours
72.00 = 8 hours
283.00 = 1 Week

Travel costs for clients outside of Lakewood, CO

Shop to shop travel is calculated starting  from the intersection at Garrison Street and West Colfax Avenue.
for each 5 miles of travel

Tilling service prices

40.00 per man hour of labor.

Service includes

  • Tilling area to your size specifications;
  • Bagging clearing the area of trash, and other non organic mater; 
  • Clearing grow bed of large rocks that are found at tilling level while tilling;
  • Your choice to include or exclude the pulling of seeded or flowering patches of  weeds (for an additional cost);
  • Tilling under the organic matter that is growing on the surface of the dirt;
  • Raking the surface of the soil flat with a bow rake.

Not included in service

  • Hauling or dumping waste or rocks away from the job site
  • Landscape fabric installation
  • Spreading seed or planting
  • Grow bed weeding
  • Watering