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Lawn Care


 Lawn Care Services 

It's no secret that your lawn will look better with quality periodic maintenance and care. 

We could help you save plenty of time and effort. Simply put your lawn care maintenance on our auto-pilot schedule .  
Allow yourself to finally relax because we'll save you the time and effort that you would have spent on lawn care.

Residential lawn care in Lakewood Colorado

posted Dec 26, 2015, 2:03 PM by Ryan Quintana   [ updated May 15, 2016, 2:29 AM ]

Lakewood Colorado

Get great lawn care, or we'll pay a competitor of your choice, to fix the flaw!

How our lawn service is different from others, and how you benefit from 3 simple steps:

  • Predictable and consistent mowing schedules,

  • Closed gates every time,

  • Informative notices and reschedules as door hangers or phone calls,

  • Predictable and scheduled flat rate invoices,

  • Clean backgrounds on all service personnel

  • Never leave mud streaks from equipment,

  • No contracts to sign or commitment,

  • Solid and powerful satisfaction guarantee,

  • 24/7 payment options online and by mail,

  • Switch mowing options anytime,

  • Lawn care from a Concierge that is customer service orientated.

Step 1 For your lawn’s rate of growth: Decide which mowing schedule from our two choices.

Weekly Maintenance

Bi-Weekly Maintenance (for slower growing lawns)

Payment details:

Every 7 days. Scheduled Thurs- Fri. Billing/Invoice Schedule: Every 14 days (every two visits)

Every 14 days. Scheduled Tues-Wed Billing/Invoice Schedule: Every 28 days (every two visits)

Payments are due after receiving an invoice. You have 15 days to pay or a monthly 1% compounding interest will be added. If payment hasn't been received before the next service visit, the service will discontinue and the amount will be demanded to be paid in full.


Spring Cleanup

Full-service lawn care

Fall Cleanup

Automatically starts every year at the end of March, as weather and grass growth permits or, the absolute start is in April. Includes: removal of leaves and debris from around all buildings, curbs, walkways, and steps. Including around rock beds and shrubs.

Starts first visit and continues to the end of the season. Includes: lawn maintenance and mowing at 3”. Mowing 2” on final fall mowing. Blowing, weed whipping & trimming around structures. Last lawn cuts for early dormant  lawns is September 15th (dry lawns with low/no irrigation) and last cut for greener lawns is October 25th. Not included: Tree and shrub trimming, Sprinkler installation or repair, winterization, dethatching, aeration, large amounts of introductory edging (one time $30 fee)

Starts October/November as weather permits. Absolute start in November.Includes: removal of leaves and debris from around all buildings, curbs, walkways, and steps. Blowing of leaves from rock beds, shrubs and pathways

Step 2  Next choose what happens with the grass clippings

Bagged and hauled- bag and haul off all clippings and debris for a clean cut.

Not bagged - just leave mulched clippings on the lawn to fertilize.

Step 3  Contact me for a free flat rate quote. If you contact me before the 25th, you’ll get the 4th mowing FREE!

I only have limited openings in each area so hurry and call or fill out the form now with your address & information.

Price Details

Prices as low as $25! Lawn mowing prices are based on local demands and square footage production rates. So you never have to haggle to get a fair and affordable price. Contact us now and receive a FREE quote. NOTE: If the quote is inaccurate due to unseen conditions (eg. areas with low accessibility), we may call to renegotiate a fair price due to longer service time.

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Contact Us

Ryan Quintana - Manager

Phone: 720.460.8611

Cell: 720.630.9826


Mail: P O Box 151180 Lakewood, CO 802152

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