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Commercial Window Cleaning

posted Dec 31, 2015, 7:11 PM by Ryan Quintana   [ updated Mar 13, 2016, 9:38 PM ]
Picture Example of store front windows for window cleaning service

Commercial window cleaning prices in Denver and surrounding areas

Hard working and safe chemicals

For commercial window cleaning, we only use industrial strength and ecologically friendly window cleaning chemicals that are safe for animals, children, and any business. 

Three available service plans

we carry three schedule plans for commercial clients at heights of up to two stories high
  • once a month, 
  • twice a month,
  • and weekly (glass display cases),

Example of Georgian windows:
Georgian Windows example picture for window cleaning

Always flat rate prices!

Travel costs

Travel costs are only for clients that are outside of the city of Lakewood. Mileage is calculated from the intersection at Garrison Street and West Colfax Avenue.
3.00 for each 5 miles of travel

Single service cleaning

3.00 per mirror or one side of a windowpane
4.00 per large mirror or one side of a large windowpane
2.00 per windowsill detailing
6.00 per 40 inches x 40 inches rough estimate of accumulated small Georgian windows (one side of windowpane)

3.00 for ea track and seal cleaning
1.00 ea. screen removal (to avoid this charge, simply remove the screens for us)
1.00 ea. screen cleaning
1.00 per surface dusting for ea single pane blind set (with a dry duster)
4.00 per blind for deep dusting/cleaning with water and light detergent with a microfiber.

Touch up cleaning

windowpane cleaning for both inside and outside. no screens, or tracks and sills
5.00 per windowpane

Full service window cleaning

Includes DEEP scrubbed cleaning of window sills, and both sides of windowpane. 
6.00 per windowpane