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List of rules:

  • With the Contractor as a subcontracted Vendor, Errand and Task Labor LLC is Contractor's business client and subcontracts Contractor as an independent contractor and pays Contractor directly. All of Contractor's invoices are to be billed to Errand And Task Labor LLC. Any Contractor invoices will be paid by Errand And Task Labor LLC ONLYAny attempt to collect payment from anyone else, other than Errand And Task Labor LLC, will result in a termination of the Vendor Network Membership and business relationship while giving the right to Errand and Task Labor LLC to obtain compensation for any losses that are accidently, incidentally, and coincidentally caused from these actions.
  • The Contractor must upkeep the reputation of Errand And Task Labor, LLC and the Contractor's own business reputation.
  • Errand And Task Labor LLC, as the client, may reject service results for modifications before The Contractor is paid in full. This is to uphold the 100% client protection guarantee within our "Satisfaction Guarantee Time Limits" that are listed below. Partial payments may be made to the contractor to compensate for satisfactory results while the rest of the payment is held until the unsatisfactory result/s is/are modified, redone, or repaired to desired quality specifications.
  • The Contractor is liable for any damages arising on their own behalf from the work performance done, or presence Contractor has given on a work site.
  • Tasks will be completed by your business as a subcontractor, in the time allowed on schedule and by the due date agreed upon. In the event that schedules do not allow services to be performed, a reschedule will be made and agreed upon. The Contractor is personally liable for any damages that are incurred by the client incidentally or directly from the contractor's inability to meet a determined schedule through cancellations or reschedules.

Satisfaction Guarantee Time Limits

For one day services: Client has 1 week after service completion to report ANY quality issues to Contractor
For Landscape installation Jobs: Client has 60 Days after service completion to report ANY quality issues to Contractor
For other Multi-day Services: Client has 30 Days after service completion to report ANY quality issues to Contractor

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