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Vendors Around Town

    Here you will find out information about vendors that are located around town.
    Many of our customers already know,  as a concierge, we manage your tasks and hire many local businesses and vendors to bring you reliable services for anyone's desires, needs, and schedules. We do all this while making things simple for you by streamlining your payments all on one invoice. There's no way we would be able to do this by ourselves. When it comes to the big picture of giving credit where due, our company doesn't ever want to be self centered. Our company's success rests on the shoulders of our service vendors who are part of our networking community, and those clients who choose our services. That's why we want to give our thanks, because like we said, the big picture is not about us...

Service Review of Oscar Mwakamui in Southeast Denver

posted Jul 24, 2015, 3:50 PM by Ryan Quintana   [ updated Feb 19, 2016, 4:57 PM ]

    Oscar Mwakamui recently told me of his new service that allows you to rent a driver for your own vehicle. Oscar is now an outstanding help if you get your driving rights revoked, or your medical state of health won't allow for you to drive. Oscar could personally drive your car for you if you are not able. Errand and Task Labor LLC has a history of purchasing the quality services of Oscar since the days he once offered errand services.

Here's our original review of his services that he provided:
     "Jul 24, 2015, 
we had the pleasure of having Oscar Mwakamui run errands for us in southeast Denver. 

    Right from the start of our phone call, Oscar was polite, friendly, and willing to help. What we liked about Oscar was he was quick on his feet with updates about the progress of the task we gave him. Also, on short and quick notice, he was able to schedule our appointment on short notice. This kind of service is nearly unheard of by many errand service vendors since it's difficult for many vendors that don't network, hire out, or outsource with similar businesses.

    Given the fact that we enjoyed working with Oscar  and the vendor's services passed with flying colors, we look forward to working with Oscar again for our clients peace of mind. We also would recommend using the services of Oscar, and his team, to anyone who needs errand help in southeast Denver.

    Thanks again Oscar

    Best Regards
-Ryan Quintana"

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